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Enterprise Risk Management

Rao Chalasani

Rao Chalasani is a financial services and technology professional who has worked with multiple companies in New York and New Jersey. He most recently served as trading risk-management director and business chief technology officer of Bank of America-Merrill Lynch in New York, NY. To share his expertise in the field of enterprise risk management (ERM), Rao Chalasani invented of the US patent-pending "Enterprise Risk Management System." A set of business strategies and guidelines, this system takes a holistic approach to essential ERM principles by examining the combined impact of risk in an aggregated risk portfolio.

At its core, ERM is a strategic business discipline that supports the achievement of an organization’s goals by taking a close look at the risk potential. The Treadway Commission’s Committee of Sponsoring Organizations defines ERM as a process that flows through an organization, affected by individual members at every level. By identifying potential threats and managing risk within the organization’s risk appetite, it can also provide reasonable assurance to that organization’s management and/or board of directors.

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